Rethinking Barriers to Electrification: Does Government Collection Failure Stunt Public Service Provision?

Authors: Emily Rains, Ronald Abraham, and Daniel Stein

Willing to pay to avoid harassment: Evidence from public transport in Rio de Janeiro

Authors: Florence Kondylis, Arianna Legovini, Kate Vyborny, Astrid Zwager
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Call Me Maybe: Experimental Evidence on Using Mobile Phones to Survey Microenterprises

Authors: Robert Garlick, Kate Orkin, and Simon Quinn
Partner/Funder: Private Enterprise Development in Low-Income Countries Initiative
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Social Franchising and Telemedicine

Authors: Manoj Mohanan, Grant Miller, Marcos Vera-Hernández, Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert
Partner/Funder: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
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Microeconomic impacts of public transit: Evidence from Lahore, Pakistan

Authors: Hadia Jajid, Ammar Malik, Kate Vyborny
Partner/Funder: IGC, IFPRI-PSSP, and 3IE
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Adoption and short-term impacts of improved biomass cookstoves in Udaipur, Rajasthan

Authors: M. Jeuland, S. Pattanayak, S. Samaddar, R. Shah
Partner/Funder: Seva Mandir

Geospatial Evaluation of LGI and INP II in the West Bank

Authors: Pablo Beramendi and Erik Wibbels
Partner/Funders: USAID, with AidData