Sustaining Sanitation: Evidence from Odisha, India on the long-term effectiveness of the shame and subsidy approach

Authors: M. Jeuland, J. Orgill, S. Pattanayak
Partner/Funder: CTRAN-Odisha and Institute of Water Policy, Singapore

A Continuum of Wellbeing in India Slums: Evidence from 8,000 Households

Authors: Emily Rains, Anirudh Krishna and Erik Wibbels
Partner/Funder: International Growth Centre, Jana Urban Foundation

Incentive Contracts for Maternity Care

Authors: Manoj Mohanan, Grant Miller
Partner/Funder: 3ie, DFID-India, World Bank, Government of Karnataka
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Iodine Deficiency and School Attainment in Tanzania

Authors: Erica Field, Omar Robles, Maximo Torero
Partner/Funder: International Food Policy Research Institute
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Cooking up change in the Himalayas: Evidence from mixing quasi-experiments with an experiment on cookstove promotion

Authors: V. Bhojvaid, M. Jeuland, J. Lewis, O. Patange, S. Pattanayak, N. Ramanathan, V. Ramanathan, I. Rehman
Partner/Funder: USAID

Social Accountability and Healthcare Delivery

Authors: Manoj Mohanan, Vikram Rajan, Harsha Thirumurthy
Partner/Funder: SEIF Global Call #2
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