Elaine Denny

Elaine Denny investigates income and gender disparities in political participation, as well as programs that close participation and representation gaps. She also specializes in measuring social norms and norm change in response to development initiatives.She has consulted for DFID and UNICEF, with experience conducting surveys and evaluations in Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Senegal, and the Americas.

Javier Romero Haaker

Javier Romero Haaker is a PhD candidate in Economics at Duke University. His research interests are development economics and political economy. Prior to joining Duke, Javier worked at the Central Bank of Peru and co-founded a non-profit organization that works in the Amazon rain forest.

Kate Vyborny

Kate Vyborny is a Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Economics at Duke University. Her research interests include how interventions by government and donors interact with local social and political context; public service delivery in developing countries; urban policies, particularly public transportation and land use; and women’s empowerment.