Training Local Leaders to Change Social Norms and Prevent Domestic Violence: Experimental Evidence from Peru

Authors: Erica Field, Javier Romero Haaker

Voices 4 Change: Evaluation of Attitudes, Practices, and Social Norms Change in Nigeria

Authors: Elaine Denny and Emeka Nwankwo
Partner/Funder: DFID
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Effects of Improving Access to Family Planning

Authors: Erica Field, Nava Ashraf, Jessica Leight
Partner/Funder: Hewlett Foundation, NSF
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Financial Inclusion, and Female Empowerment: An Evaluation of Banking Access on Women’s Socioeconomic Status and Wellbeing

Authors: Erica Field, Rohini Pande, Simone Schaner, Natalia Rigol
Partner/Funder: DFID

Adolescent Empowerment and Early Marriage in Rural Bangladesh

Authors: Erica Field, Rachel Glennerster, Reshmaan Hussam
Partner/Funder: Save the Children, NSF, NIH, 3ie, Nike Foundation
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Voting Rights, Marriage Markets, and Fertility: The Enfranchisement of Women in the Early Twentieth Century U.S.

Authors: Erica Field, Javier Romero Haaker

Do Group Dynamics Influence Social Capital and Female Empowerment? Experimental Evidence from Microfinance

Authors: Erica Field, Rohini Pande, Benjamin Feigenberg, Natalia Rigol, Shayak Sarkar
Partner/Funders: Dubai Initiative, Exxon Mobile Educating Women and Girls Initiative, ICICI Foundation