Reforming institutions: Evidence from cash transfers in Pakistan

Authors: Muhhamad Haseeb, Kate Vyborny
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The Delivery and Spatial Distribution of Development Projects: Evidence from a USAID Governance Project in Ghana

Authors: Nahomi Ichino, Erik Wibbels, and Martin Williams
Partner/Funder: AidData/USAID

Participation and Regulatory Compliance in Vietnam

Authors: Edmund Malesky, Markus Taussig
Partner/Funder: Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Vietnam Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs
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Social, Political and Economic Networks in the Slums of Jaipur and Patna, India

Authors: Anirudh Krishna, Jeremy Spater, and Erik Wibbels
Partner/Funder: International Growth Centre

Satellites, Slums and Social Networks: Evidence on the Origins and Consequences of Property Rights from 157 Slums

Authors: Erik Wibbels, Anirudh Krishna, and MS Sriram
Partner/Funder: Jana Urban Foundation

Impact of Rural Microfinance on Poverty and Well-being

Authors: Erica Field, Rohini Pande, Lisa Berkman, and Christopher Robert
Partner/Funder: 3ie, IFMR Trust, Exxon Mobile Foundation, Science of Generosity, ATAI
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Economic (Interaction) Effects of Cash Transfers and Psychological Primes

Authors: Kate Orkin, Johannes Haushofer, Richard Sedlmayr, Stefan Dercon, and Robert Garlick
Partner/Funders: Open Philanthropy Project (Funder); Give Directly (Partner)

Can economic incentives enhance adoption and sustained use of a household energy technology? Evidence from a pilot study in Cambodia

Authors: Marc Jeuland, J. Steele, F. Usmani
Partner/Funder: SNV-Cambodia

Economic Returns to Social Interaction: Experimental Evidence from Microfinance

Authors: Erica Field, Rohini Pande, and Benjamin Feigenberg